Political Correctness: The Halloween Edition

I found this rant from Angelo Morena about Halloween. Once again Political Correctness rears its ugly head, sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.

WTF? Where is this country going? Some schools have banned Halloween because it offends some cultures. Send them back home, this is our country and things should stay the way they are. First its Christmas, now its Halloween. This really ticked me off this morning. I come from an Italian Culture and my parents have respected the culture of Canada. Now its time for our Politicians to have Balls and stop this nonsense.
This is my Rant for the day HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE

You couldn’t have said it better, Angelo. Enough is enough. If these people can’t respect our culture, they should pack their things and leave. We’re tolerant enough to accept them with open arms, but we shouldn’t be bending over backwards to accommodate their demands.

Video Review: Winger – Battle Stations

How many people remember MySpace? I remember finding this track, along with “All I Ever Wanted” during the summer of 2006. This would have been an amazing video from start to finish. Reb Beach opening the track with a blistering guitar shred. Paul Taylor adding his riffs. Rod Morgenstein pounding the skins. Then the ageless hunk, Kip Winger. A truly amazing voice & he’s got incredible talent on Bass. The critics should be eating crow for everything they’ve said about them during the 80’s Winger had more talent in their bodies than many of today’s Rock acts.


An amazing kick ass collage paying respects to those amazing acts of the 80’s. Featuring 18 amazing acts, including Winger. You’ll never have another decade like the 80’s ever again. RIP to Steven Maynard Clark, Robbin Crosby, Jani Lane & Eric Carr for their contributions to this genre. You’re still rockin’ in Heaven & we’ll never forget it.

Bands: Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, Judas Priest, Europe, Poison, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Helloween, Scorpions, Ratt, Warrant, Lita Ford, Skid Row, Twisted Sister.

Ohio man charged with murdering teenaged sisters, wounding friend in minivan shooting

Originally posted on Roger Tharpe:

A 21-year-old Ohio man is facing murder charges after police say he unleashed a spray of bullets into his family’s minivan, killing two of his teenaged sisters and gravely wounding a friend.

Matthew Hayden, 21, emptied the entire magazine clip of a 9mm Beretta handgun before stopping to reload during the Wednesday morning bloodbath in his Cincinnati backyard, WKRC reported citing police.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.32.54 PM 16-year-old Sarah Hayden

hayden 17-year-old Elizabeth Hayden

In all nearly two dozen bullets riddled the parked vehicle, killing 16-year-old Sarah and 17-year-old Elizabeth Hayden who were reportedly listening to music inside.

Family friend, 17-year-old Joshua Hacker, who had been staying with the family at the time, miraculously survived after reportedly being shot 10 times. Read more

It is important that parents understand the spirit of rejection and how it creates a gap for the spirit of anger and the spirit of death. These evil spirits aid in driving an…

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Six Signs That You’re In The Wrong Job

I’ve been in the wrong job a couple of times. It’s not all bad, you can learn valuable lessons about yourself and about work from realizing that where you are is not for you. Recognizing what you don’t want your work life to be like can be a powerful motivator to go out and achieve the circumstances that you do want.

In my late twenties, I was hired as a travel writer for a guidebook company. I thought I was done. Hello, dream job achieved at 27. I have arrived.

It turned out not to be the case for me. Being a travel writer is a lonesome experience. You move from hotel to hotel, town to town, mostly eating alone or with tourism reps. You have to cover so much ground in such a short period of time that you end up writing about attractions you haven’t visited based on the brochure, or reviewing restaurants based on the menu without actually trying the food. So I felt like a bit of a fraud.

Also, you’re on a per diem while traveling, and most of your accommodations are complementary from places hoping to make it into your guidebook, but you have no income. You only get paid in a lump sum when you hand in the finished draft of the book. Which means when you get back from traveling you have to spend weeks poring over your notes and brochures, hammering out the copy with no money coming in.

Some people would love the adventure of this. Periods of feast and then famine, always going somewhere different, living by the seat of your pants.

I always saw myself as the outsider, the lone adventurer, but I learned from this experience that I like to work with other people. I crave a creative team, a community. And I really need to know where my next pay check is coming from and when. I value security more than I had thought that I did.

I’ve used those valuable teachings in making all subsequent career decisions.

Except once. There was the time I quit well-paying full-time job with nothing else lined up even though I am the sole bread-winner for my family, simply because once again I was in the wrong job.

I was the Senior Front Page Editor of a portal. (In the olden days those were websites that featured the latest breaking news, entertainment, business, sports, etc. stories all in one place. People don’t visit them as much anymore, but they were among the web’s most trafficked websites in their day.)

A new boss out of the US was appointed to run our team remotely. She immediately started to exert influence over editorial decisions. When the Canadian management team pointed out that they had gone to some effort to acquire me from a competitor, and that I had been the most successful front page editor in their history, she replied with the clearest sign I was in the wrong job: “I don’t care about success.” Wait, what? She cared about being agreed with.

She cared about local editors publishing the stories and the spin that she thought were important regardless of whether or not they generated actual measurable success: audience engagement, page views, traffic distribution, advertising revenue, and all the things that keep the lights on.

I knew that I couldn’t be successful while being second-guessed and micro-managed from afar, and I would have been despondent watching my reputation and track record reduced to rubble. So when she explained how the department would work under her “hands-on” management style, I said, “Yeah, you’re going to need a new Front Page Editor.”

Even though it might seem to have been a rash decision because I didn’t have another job lined up at the time, this is still the career move I am most proud of making. Because it was scary. However, the only reason I would have stayed on in that demoralizing role would have been out of fear. And that’s no way to live.

Here are the signs that you’re in the wrong job:

You’re only in it for the money. If you think about quitting every day, and it’s only the fear of the lost revenue and finding another job quickly enough that keeps you going to work, you’re in the wrong job. We all have bills to pay and responsibilities to meet, but if that is the only thing that motivates you to show up to work, you should be actively looking for something more fulfilling or enjoyable.

You don’t enjoy the work itself. When you actually find the stuff you’re paid to do all day uncomfortable, boring, or distasteful, you should probably try something else. The way to succeed is to excel at something, and hopefully to do it with a positive attitude. Both are impossible when you hate what you’re doing. In a recent Workopolis poll, 29% of our users said that “Enjoying the work itself” was their most important career goal. (Ranked as more important than becoming wealthy or even just achieving financial stability.)

You dread the idea of going to work. When work has become so unpleasant that you dread the very idea of having to go in, you’re in the wrong job. Having it weigh on you that much means that you can’t even enjoy your time off because of the looming return to work. This can lead to depression, substance abuse, stress-related illnesses and other health consequences that are just not worth it. Stay healthy and go someplace else.

Your manager – or the team – is out to get you. This can happen when someone above you is looking to replace you, or when you are just not a good fit with the team and they have formed a clique to oust you. Either way, it’s time to start looking for another gig. Signs that your coworkers are aligning against you include:

  • – Credit for your accomplishments being given to others.
  • – Blame for any setbacks being directed to you.
  • – Feedback or comments on your work being sent to people over your head rather than to you directly.
  • – Team members routinely passive-aggressively putting down or questioning every decision you make.
  • – You receive long feedback emails criticizing your work on which many other people are copied. Good leaders coach, they don’t cc the world their complaints. This isn’t about you – it’s about your manager creating a paper-trail for dismissal.
  • – You’re told that your new boss doesn’t care about the things you’re good at (or about success at all) if it means contradicting their opinion (Okay, maybe that just happened to me.)

The rest of your life is no good either (because of work). If you don’t enjoy your job, but it pays you enough money for you to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, and affords you the work/life balance that you crave, it might be worth staying. I think that people limit their potential by engaging in careers they are not passionate about, but not everyone is passionate about work. Sometimes it’s just a job. If you can like your lifestyle – without liking the actually job you may be okay. However, if you don’t like it, it doesn’t pay enough to support your desired lifestyle, and you don’t have the work/life balance that you need – it’s probably the wrong job. That’s what I learned from travel writing: the lifestyle itself didn’t mesh with how I wanted to live.

There is no growth or learning potential. When the position you are in is a dead-end, you’re probably in the wrong job. The trouble with dead ends is that even if it seems safe where you are currently – everything changes. When things change and you have nowhere to go, you’re in trouble. And if you haven’t been learning along the way at work, your skills will eventually become dated and less valuable on the market.

Because everything changes, we have to as well. The real wages we garner from any job are the experiences we gain, the skills we acquire, and the connections we make. These are the things that a career is made of. And a career spans many jobs: sometimes the right ones and sometimes the wrong ones.

(To bookend my quitting story – When a VP of Marketing whom I had worked for years earlier heard that I had left my job, he called me up and said that he had recently changed companies as well. He was working on a project to reinvent and relaunch a major Canadian brand, and he wanted me to join him and become the voice of the website. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and that’s how I came to Workopolis.)

Of course, you could also watch for these six red flags in job postings that warn you not to apply to try and avoid ‘wrong jobs’ in the first place.


– Peter Harris

Your High School Kid Can’t Read – And It’s YOUR Fault

Originally posted on A Buick in the Land of Lexus:

frustrated-college-student 2

Not YOUR teenager, of course. Your kid can read.

Are you sure? Stop reading this right now. Call your high school kid in, grab a book, and ask him/her to read it aloud.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

One out of four of you will be heartbroken.

Your first mistake was assuming school took care of that.


Today, I sat with a boy who is going into his senior year of high school. He struggled with word recognition. He couldn’t pronounce or understand most words over 2 syllables.

Before you assume he’s a minority living in a low socioeconomic area, he’s a very white child in a very upscale suburban neighborhood. His father is an attorney. He goes to an exclusive private school.

He is functionally illiterate.

He was never fully diagnosed with a specific learning disability, nor was his reading concern addressed. He does get extra time for all school and standardized testing, but how…

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Bad News, but Not Defeated

Originally posted on Roger Tharpe:


There are times in a believers life that outcomes of life are bleak. You hear the sound of the bad news entering your body and that gut wrenching feeling immediately arrests you and you are broken. Driven to your knees and hanging over. This is it. I cannot take another blow or another defeat. I am done.

It is at this moment when the sorrow begins to climax that you begin to pray. The character of God should immediately come to the surface that he is loving, compassionate, not desiring that any should perish and is all powerful. You should recall that he gives peace to those whose minds are on him and that when you’re affections are set on him there are words of encouragement to be received.

You should recall that you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. You may be pressed, but with God all…

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Middle-school wrestling coach, 21, who lied about having leukemia to rake in donations has been accused of raping 13-year-old boy


This is despicable to everyone who’s lost family & friends to this deadly disease. Not to those fighting for more time to spend with family and friends. Nothing offends the public more than hoaxes like these.

Originally posted on Roger Tharpe:

rapeA middle-school wrestling coach who faked cancer so he could rake in donations has now been accused of raping a 13-year-old boy.

Zack Jones from Howell, Michigan, received more than $8,000 from the community and organized lucrative fundraising events until it was discovered he was lying about having leukemia.

The 21-year-old is being held on a number of charges, including the alleged rape of a 13-year-old boy between June and September this year.

He is being held on a $2million bond and faces life in prison if convicted, FOX 2 reported. Read more:

As sin waxes worse as borders all around are being taken down these stories will be too numerous for court systems and police officers to even consider. It is time for the Christian parent to understand the world they live in. Keep your children safe by teaching them how to hear from God earlier.

Stop waisting…

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Girlfriend who groomed teenage girls online so her boyfriend could sexually abuse and rape them is jailed for two and a half years


It’s beyond disgusting how anyone can participate in such horrific activities.
Parents….PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!! It can mean a matter of life and death for your children.

Originally posted on Roger Tharpe:


A girlfriend who was groomed by an older man to introduce him to teenage girls who he then sexually abused has been jailed for two years.

Grant Francis and Hayley Morgan had an ‘unhealthy relationship’ in which she introduced him to his victims and even sat in a car and watched as he raped one of them.

Francis was 23 when he met 15-year-old Morgan who colluded with him in the ex attacks on girls between the age of nine and 14 between 2009 and 20011, the court heard.

Morgan was jailed for two and a half years at Basildon Crown Court this week after admitting to a string of sexual assaults and taking and distributing indecent photographs of children.

Francis was jailed for 12 years after he denied charges of sexual assault and rape but was found guilty at an earlier trial at Southend Crown Court.

The court heard…

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Lawrence: NFL Hasn’t Made Enough Progress

We’ve been here before. The names and uniform colors are different, but the facts are stunningly similar. A player accused of battering a woman, charged with assault, admonished with minimal legal consequences, disciplined by the league, and permitted back on the field–only to have visual evidence surface and create a frenzy.

In July of 2014, the original two-game suspension in the Ray Rice case exposed the NFL’s woefully inadequate policies in the area of domestic violence. But it wasn’t until September when TMZ released the video of him knocking his fiancee out cold in an elevator that massive debate ensued. Only then did league officials, Ravens’ management, coaches and players, corporate sponsors, mainstream media, and fans collectively react. Only then did the story and the fallout grip the nation and serve as a catalyst for change.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized for screwing up and promised a sense of urgency in addressing these types of cases. Rice was cut by his team and banned indefinitely from the league (a sentence later overturned in court). In the wake of national scrutiny and uproar, the Vikings put Adrian Peterson on paid leave when he faced child abuse charges. The Panthers did the same with their star defensive end while he appealed his conviction for assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Following a season on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, Greg Hardy beat the legal system when his accuser declined to go through another trial. Prosecutors couldn’t find her. Without her testimony, his conviction was vacated and his record recently expunged. But now visual evidence of Hardy’s crime is all over the internet. His ex-girlfriend was battered and bruised from head to toe in dozens of photos released by Deadspin. The pictures are jarring, sickening, and offensive. They’re also unnecessary. Details from the police report, 911 calls, and the victim’s testimony have been available since last summer. Anyone who cared could easily read how Hardy terrorized a woman half his size. Yet for the majority, seeing is believing, so the anger and outrage are fresh. Ray Rice all over again.

More than a year has passed since his elevator video came out. How much has actually changed? What’s different now? League officials saw the damning photos and tried to slap Hardy with a 10-game suspension under its new policy, but the NFLPA (who had access to the photos) defended its member and earned a reduction to four games. Under the new policy, a first-time offender is subject to a baseline six-game suspension; but somehow, Hardy only missed four. Somehow the union is more concerned about a player’s rights than the woman he nearly choked to death. No significant change there.

The conversation has definitely advanced in the last year. More sports fans are willing to engage in dialogue about domestic violence instead of allowing it to be swept under the rug. The media is tackling the issue as well, providing a forum for debate. Yet most of these public exchanges happen outside the football fraternity. When the Ray Rice video went viral, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti apologized over and over for not taking action sooner. He admitted he was embarrassed that his team and the league didn’t take domestic violence more seriously. But only one owner is speaking publicly about the Greg Hardy case–and that’s Jerry Jones. He continues to defend Hardy’s second chance and his commitment to doing the right thing, even calling him a leader and “inspiration” to his teammates.

None of those Dallas teammates will criticize the Hardy signing, not even in the wake of the photos. They have to work alongside him every day. But what about players in other cities? No doubt there are dozens whose lives have been personally affected by domestic violence. Why don’t they speak out? One former NFL MVP told me they’re reluctant to step into someone else’s mess. He said they all have to face one another on the field, and it’s generally easier to do their jobs without getting involved. A former Super Bowl champion shared another hesitation inside locker rooms: if you openly criticize a teammate’s personal failures, you run the risk of exposing yourself to backlash if the tables are turned and you screw up down the road. But he also told me he believes domestic violence WILL be roundly discussed, shamed, and ostracized behind closed doors.

A pair of Eagles offensive lineman took jabs at Hardy after they beat the Cowboys Sunday. Center Jason Kelce told reporters, “I’m glad he didn’t have a good day. It’s a joke a guy like that is able to play this quickly.” Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall broke with convention and criticized Hardy for the way he’s handled himself since returning to the field. Marshall told Showtime that Hardy didn’t learn his lesson and doesn’t understand the magnitude of what he did. Primarily, it’s former players willing to denounce Hardy’s actions publicly. Plenty of them blast Jerry Jones for caring more about the product on the field than the league’s attempt to change its image and crack down on domestic violence offenders.

Not every player tied to abuse or assault is getting another chance. Ray Rice remains unemployed. Defensive end Ray McDonald was released by the Bears after his second domestic violence arrest. And the Cardinals released running back Jonathan Dwyer when he was arrested for the same reason. They might still have jobs if not for the supercharged atmosphere surrounding the NFL in 2015. Fewer franchises are willing to take the risk and deal with backlash. Except there hasn’t been any forceful push-back from corporate sponsors about Hardy finding a new home in the league, not even with the release of the photos.

How much progress has been made over the last year? Not nearly enough. Growth is intentional, not accidental. It won’t happen without vigilance. As long as the league and the union grapple over the new policy, as long as teams harbor players who don’t show remorse, as long as owners are unwilling to present a vocal and united front–headway will be minimal.

A well-traveled veteran and pioneer of sports radio and television, Amy Lawrence is the host of CBS Sports Radio’s late-night program ‘After Hours with Amy Lawrence.’ The show can be heard weekdays from 2-6am ET on the nation’s largest 24/7 major-market radio network. Follow her on Twitter @ALawRadio.