TGIF – Cocktail Of The Week

TGIF Ladies:

It’s Sir Mix-A-Lot presenting his cocktail of the week. Guaranteed to have you thinking about drinks after work, Girls Night Out or entertaining guests at home. Here’s your recipe & the story behind its creation.  Enjoy.


This story was so nice it needed to be shared twice. During a martini bar reception last summer, a guest came over and asked “What can you do with Soho Lychee liqueur & Orange Juice?” Immediately the ideas starting coming together. Combining Lychee liqueur with Orange & Cranberry juices. Now came putting everything together. The result: Lychee Sunset Martini.


Lychee Sunset:  Grenadine, 1.5 oz Soho Lychee Liqueur, Equal parts of Orange & Cranberry juice.

Add a dash of Grenadine syrup, followed by lychee liqueur. Then add Orange & Cranberry juices, shake & strain into a chilled martini glass.


This drink became an immediate hit. So popular that guests were saying the following:

  •  I need another red drink
  •  My wife needs more of that drink to loosen up
  • The bridal party requests that you bring several of those to their table.


Now it’s my signature martini. Drink up & enjoy.


Rockin’ out

C. J. Nighthawk


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A Crazy Friday the 13th

So many feeling associated with Friday September 13, 2013


1. Happiness

2. Pride

3. Satisfaction

4. Sadness

5. Honor


It was a very crazy Friday at Paradise Banquet Hall. I received a call late Friday night from Marie to work the martini bar for Joe Pandolfo’s 50th birthday party. The Pandolfo’s were the higher ups & I needed to have my A game going all night long. A challenge I would not only embrace, but excel with every drink made.


1. Happiness: It’s a pleasure mixing drinks at the Martini bar every time there’s a wedding reception. Since October 2011, I’ve been given the keys to making delicious, mouth watering cocktails. The responses have ranged from “That’s great to This tastes absolutely delicious. The creativity I’ve shown every weekend keeps getting better every time. It originally started at Paramount Conference & Entertainment Venue in 2008, I’ve revived it & have kept getting better.



2. Pride: I take great pride in having the ability to put these drinks together. Even better is when people come up, saying “I need a martini that knocks my socks off.” or “What was that delicious drink you made?” Other comments have included “We need you to deliver these drinks to the bridal party’s table.” I means a lot to hear those words & the “Thank Yous” that come along with those granted requests.



3. Satisfaction: At the end of the night, people come and deliver the following complements:

  • You were awesome tonight
  • You’ve been the best bartender we’ve ever had
  • Your drinks were absolutely amazing.

Hearing those complements makes the dirty uniform & sore feet worth the experience. It also opens the door to bigger & better things.


4. Sadness: Friday the 13th would have marked my father’s 69th birthday. He passed away 4 years ago, 2 1/2 weeks prior to his 65th. Nevertheless, I went into the workplace, saying “Give your best effort like he’s watching you.” I definitely kept doing that with drink after drink. Knowing that he was watching over & smiling down made this special day even better.


5. Honor: Prior to this party, I worked another party for them August 18. They were so impressed with my efforts that afternoon they requested my services for their party. I really was on Cloud 9 when they came over & said those words. It also spoke volumes on how far I’ve come since joining the Paradise Banquet Hall staff.


It’s been quite a journey since joining Paradise Banquet Hall. Three years ago, I remember losing my job at Paramount Conference & Event Venue – Starting over as a French server wasn’t in the plans. However, I’ve made it work & gradually regained my confidence. In addition I’ve won the respect & admiration of coworkers & guests. Their loss has been Paradise’s gain & nothing will stand in the way.


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”

- Napoleon Hill


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Much Needed Laughs From Strangers

Despite the bright sunshine on Sunday April 6, I wasn’t having a great day. Not having enough sufficient hours for work that weekend wasn’t helping. I didn’t even bother to attend my Sunday afternoon bowling league, because my heart wasn’t into playing. While sitting around in the Apple Shop inside Yorkdale Shopping Centre, two young Filipino boys were watching comedy videos on YouTube. I was also watching a comedy video on Youtube, and that’s when we started to exchange laughs.

The kicker came when they introduced X-Factor. There were two epic performances which were truly embarrassing. One of those performances left me speechless & unable to laugh. The other one took shocking to a whole new level before I laughed non-stop. I didn’t care if this was a public place, I just needed the laughs to let myself loose. Here the first video:

It takes exceptional talent to not only shock me, but leave me speechless & unable to laugh. This idiot was successful at accomplishing both. Bless your soul, young man.

The second video already had me laughing before the outrageous began. From the costume attire to the looks on Paula’s, Nicole’s & Simon’s faces to his outrageous actions. I’ll never look at auditions the same way again. Here’s a look:

When the parents came over to get their sons, I thanked them for helping to get me laughing. The mother said they’re very knowledgeable with their home computer. I then asked if they knew more than both parents combined. Her response was with her exposed palm “I plead the 5th.” I may never see them again, but their ability to brighten my Sunday afternoon really helped.

Laughter is good medicine for the soul

Rockin’ out
C.J. Nighthawk

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Hello fellow bloggers. Well, it’s high time to finally enter the world of blogging, so here’s to taking the plunge & writing about life in general. So many time I debated about doing this, saying the following things: Nighthawk finally took the plunge. After months of dithering, debating & procrastination, he’s finally found the courage to start writing a blog. He’s done it before, only to ditch it halfway & lose interest. Now thanks to a bloggers seminar & his brother’s success on WordPress, he’s ready to write & have fun doing so.

  • What if nobody even reads it?
  • When will I know if people are reading it?
  • How will I reach my audience?

On & on. There were so many questions I kept asking myself, yet I never bothered to try. As one person quoted “Stop worrying about what could go wrong & start wondering about what could go right.”  Where will the world of blogging take Nighthawk? Anywhere his imagination desires. Now sit back & relax with a cold beverage at hand. Prepare to enter Nighthawk’s world. There’s plenty of stories waiting to be told.


Rockin’ On


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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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